1600 Meeting Street, just moments from downtown, is a local creative cluster providing office space, art + design studios, non-profit hub, community resource center, local food + drink and a collaborative work environment. Basically an all around GOOD IDEA center.



1600 Meeting is excited to partner with The Bee Cause in furthering their mission of supporting the honey bees through outreach and education! We have 3 hives in the back parking lot and an observation hive in the shared conference room. The observation hive is a fascinating thing to watch as the honey bees work together all day (and night) long – similar to the hive of busy workers + artists inside the 1600 Meeting buildings.

The Bee Cause mission is to stimulate curiosity in young people about the importance of honey bees in our lives and the need to understand and embrace them and to care about their well-being through the installation of bee hives in 1,000 schools.

1600 Meeting will support The Bee Cause by “paying it forward” to a local school. With the help of Enough Pie, 1600 Meeting and The Bee Cause are pursuing a partnership with the Charleston Promise Neighborhood Schools and we hope to pay a hive forward to a school in our neighborhood.

Tami Enright, the Executive Director of the Bee Cause, will be hosting a Bee Wise chat in the conference room at 1600 Meeting for tenants to learn more about the resident bees onsite and the organization. The Bee Wise chat is scheduled for Wednesday, July 2nd at 9:30am.

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Join Enough Pie for Awakening II: Fieldwork, an all-day arts experience that actively engages the outdoor spaces of 1630 Meeting.

Last year, you may recall that Enough Pie set up shop with a group of artists INSIDE the building and challenged artists to awaken the building using its vacant rooms, walls and hallways as their inspiration. This year, Enough Pie is breaking out of the bricks and mortar framework into the adjacent outdoor spaces, allowing artists only two days to transform the site before this one day event on June 14.

So join Enough Pie and the incredible roster of participants as they awaken the fields, foliage, porches and pavement of 1630 Meeting… Come enjoy 17 incredible installations, performances and more, including The Mini Cine screenings, graffiti, yarnbombing, an appearance by the loch ness monster, tiny doors, boats + teepees, site-specific theatre, and dance…

1630 Meeting Street will be open throughout the day. So, for those of you that attended Awakening last year, you will now see the building renovated and full of tenants. Please come be a part of the creative gathering and celebrate our community, artists and local businesses!

Stick around from 6-8 for a delicious meal prepared by Butcher&Bee onsite at 1630 Meeting. Tickets are $25 and proceeds go to Enough Pie. Buy tickets here.

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Wow.  I  have a key and security card to 1630 Meeting Street (which is, ironically, the actually mailing address – though we still fondly refer to the project as 1600!).  It is a bit surreal to be STANDING IN THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

Tenants have moved in and the space is starting to feel like the inspirational hive we long envisioned.  Some tenants are still getting settled, some spaces still have paint drying and items in boxes and there are still a few odds + ends to wrap up…but seeing all the activity has been really thrilling.  Once we are fully operational and the space is looking even sharper than it does now, we will host an open house – so stay tuned for that. We will also be posting an updated press release with expanded info on all the tenants and some new ones to add!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the tenants for their support, patience, good energy and now – their COMPANY.  It is great to pass you all in the halls and stairwell!

Already getting some national press from USA Today, too!

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (Feb. 24, 2014) – The team behind the 1600 Meeting Project in the upper peninsula of downtown Charleston is thrilled to announce a proposed official opening in April. The 1600 Meeting Street project was fully leased before construction began and due in large part to the visionary tenants, which now include artists, creative design businesses, local entrepreneurs, non-profits and a restaurant. Described as a “Good Idea Center,” 1600 Meeting Street will be more than just a place to work. It is a commercial space where creative capital is exchanged, ideas and passions circulate from floor to ceiling, and all tenants are made better by the company they keep.


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“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” can slow the spirit of the FARMBAR installation at 1600 Meeting Street.  Tara has been the torchbearer for the project since the very beginning, signing on as the first tenant and evolving right along with us.  We will be forever grateful to her, her pork burgers and her fine fine crew in maintaining the momentum of the project when construction delays were getting us all down.  Not one to be stymied by setbacks, Tara popped up onsite for the first time on black Friday 2013 and has been hosting all day happenings ever since to the delight of happy bellies all over town.

The last big happening for awhile will happen this Valentine’s day.  Come shop for your valentine, eat, drink, visit, linger and dance to keep warm.  The FARMBAR’s free-from, mighty, creative spirit embodies the ethos of the 1600 Meeting Street project.  Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Doors open to tenants in March and we anticipate many fun happenings and collaborations shortly after.

In the meantime, stop by for some delicious food and camaraderie and give dear Tara a big ol’ high five.

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The main idea behind gathering like-minded individuals from many disciplines and industries is that the potential for collaboration seems to sky rocket – simply by just passing each other in the hallway.  That was original concept behind 1600 Meeting Street – affordable + inspirational office space that welcomes a mix of people and becomes a petri dish of GOOD IDEAS!

Tenants have not yet moved in and the magic is already happening.  Tara + Leighton Webb of  The FARMBAR have teamed up with interior designer, Angie Hranowsky, among others, for a fall event at their Duex Puces farm.  Good Done Great is working with Enough Pie to create a custom online application portal for their upcoming Community Project Grants program: a series of micro-grants designed to fund creatively-driven community projects for the upper peninsula.  And many groups that have collaborated in the past will soon find themselves under the same roof.

It has been exciting to watch the construction and renovation of the building, but the real magic happens when all this creative energy collides!


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