1600 Meeting Street, just moments from downtown, is a local creative cluster providing office space, art + design studios, non-profit hub, community resource center, local food + drink and a collaborative work environment. Basically an all around GOOD IDEA center.




In a beautiful building just moments from downtown, we will house a combination market place, small-business incubator, design center, artist studio, and non-profit center: a place where creatives of all kinds can work both independently and COLLABORATIVELY to better transform their businesses, and in turn, our community.

1600 Meeting Street is more than just a place to work: it becomes a place to create. A commercial space where creative capital is exchanged, ideas and passions circulate from floor to ceiling, and all tenants are made better by the company they keep. A bricks and mortar microcosm of the creative community we know Charleston supports. Put some of these folks in a building together and watch them THRIVE.

There is power in numbers, as Charleston’s Parliament has clearly proven in their research. The creative force is a force to be reckoned with. Our idea is to take this “power in numbers” approach and give businesses an affordable, adaptable, creative, collaborative, and stimulating space in which to grow to their fullest potential.

The site we aim to revitalize is already undergoing great change. These formerly neglected, industrial outpost will taken shape as a burgeoning art, design and business hub and is only a weeks steps away from reaching its full potential….when tenants move in!


  • The property consists of 3 buildings. Two smaller out buildings of 950 square feet and 2,200 square feet +/-
  • The larger building is 11,200 square feet, 3 floors, and can house multiple businesses in the creative sub-cluster, non-profit, and local small businesses
  • There is ample parking and an interior courtyard at the large building
  • Price per square foot would be approx $ 15-17/sq foot for early adopters.  This number is then divided by 12 for annual lease rate.  Example 350 sq feet at $15/12 = $437.50 month
  • All space can be customized to desired square footage
  • The FARMBAR will be installed next to the 2 back buildings and will offer 3 light meals daily + coffee, beverages + retail concepts


  • All spaces can be renovated to tenants needs
  • We ask that tenants contribute to HOA building fund
  • Affordable rents
  • Ample parking, close to downtown
  • Shared conference room and business center
  • Library
  • Mail services
  • Free WiFi
  • Common restrooms
  • Gallery Space
  • Monthly (or as often as needed) openings of building for community lectures, events, and open-houses.


  • Working should be fun
  • Creating something is your work
  • Sharing and collaborating is important to success
  • You want to be productive and profitable
  • Community is important to you
  • You play well with others
  • You love where you live
  • You want to make where you live a better place by fostering creativity in yourself and promoting it in others


  • Interior and Fashion Design
  • Community Development
  • Digital Media and Design
  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • Film and Video
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Literary Arts and Publishing
  • Performing and Visual Arts
  • Culinary
  • Not for Profits
  • Education Centers


  • Common areas, stairwells and hallways will be places to meet and share ideas
  • Simply getting to know neighbors and sharing space and common goals can lead to better ideas


“I think the reason coworking has taken off so well in the last four to five years in the States is that when the economy bottomed out and people were released from their work, they started being creative about how to find themselves, how to work differently, how to reengineer their lives. I don’t think people are eager to go back to the way it was.”

– Ken Janke, New Urban Network

“Chance favors the connected mind”


“The lack of resources is no longer an excuse on to act. The idea that action should only be taken after all the answers and resources have been found is a sure recipe for paralysis. The planning of a city is a process that allows for corrections; it is supremely arrogant to believe that planning can be done only after every possible variable has been controlled.”
-Jamie Lerner Architect, Urbanist, former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil




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